About Micaia

About us

Micaia is a ‘family’ of organizations and a social enterprise.

Micaia Foundation and Eco-Micaia Limited in Mozambique, and a Micaia (UK) support group in the UK. Pursuing the same overall goal of enabling people in Mozambique to secure their wellbeing and develop their capabilities to prosper.

The hybrid nature of Micaia gives us maximum flexibility in responding to needs, opportunities and challenges in the landscapes in which we work.




The Micaia ‘Family’

With 14 years of experience and a wealth of learning, and more than 100,000 people supported in furthering their wellbeing, Micaia is now recognized nationally and internationally for the effectiveness and pioneering nature of its work.


Micaia Foundation (Mozambican reg.no. 700084965) , set up in 2009, is an operating foundation, using donor funding to implement a range of projects mostly in three contrasting landscapes where we focus our long-term work. Increasingly, the Foundation is moving to balance project implementation with other activities including encouraging community philanthropy. The Foundation is using its own funds and support from local donors to award scholarships and make small grants to support community actions. We are also involved in several research projects, working with universities in Mozambique and in the UK. At local and national levels, we engage in convening people, organizations, and networks around issues that are core to our mission and which a decade of work has given us a great body of experience and knowledge. The Foundation’s main operational base is in Chimoio, Manica Province, with a small executive office in Maputo.

Eco-Micaia Ltd, (Mozambican reg.no. 400168105) is a social enterprise set up because Micaia’s founders recognized that in supporting economic livelihoods and value chains, it is essential to mix subsidy with investment and move from project to business. Eco-Micaia Ltd is developing and managing inclusive businesses and establishing new value chains that create fair market access for suppliers and producers. 

We are focusing particularly on Non-Timber Forest Product value chains. Eco-Micaia has set up and manages three subsidiary companies: Ndzou Camp Ltd, Mozambique Honey Company Ltd, and Baobab Products Mozambique Ltd. Amongst them, these companies have more than 3,000 suppliers and workers. Eco-Micaia built the Centre for Natural Product Enterprise in Chimoio, providing workspace and services to BPM and MHC, and creating a research and development facility that we aim to link with incubation services for entrepreneurs wanting to develop a natural product enterprise. In the long-term, we hope that Eco-Micaia Ltd and its subsidiaries, will generate financial resources for Micaia Foundation.

Micaia (UK), is a UK registered charity (no.1120413) set up in 2007 to support the development of Micaia in Mozambique. Micaia (UK) is an entirely volunteer-run charity, providing a useful bridge to UK-based funding partners, universities and research networks, and enabling Micaia to tap into the rich experience of non-profit sector governance and management that exists in the UK.